The Parer Place Screen QUT  – The Lightness Matrix, a moving image work with Sound construction provided by vOiCeArT.  November 24 – December 5.

The Parer Place Screens provide experimental and innovative outdoor projections as part of QUT’s Creative Industries Faculty

The Lightness Matrix


Parer Place Outdoor Screens


The Glasshouse Reception Installatiin Exhibition


Projection Projection
Projection Projection
Projection Projection

The Lightness Matrix Photographic prints - dimensions variable

The Lightness matrix is a response to microscopic biological structures where all of the patterns are interrelated and the injection of each unexpected physical image reinterprets the space. From the smallest living organisms to designed and fabricated formations the lightness matrix looks at the way things are connected.

In this work, the connections that play out between the scientific, the architectural and the infusion of selected imagery may seem like leaps of the imagination. Yet the process of bringing this material together frame by frame transforms what might be read as disparate elements into a seamless language of idea.

I see the brain as patterned environment. Through exposure to stimuli recognition takes place and the patterning evolves. In an endeavour to realize the new, the movie and the photographic prints chart a course through my recent practice, extracting from research material, constructs and processes. As a maker of imagery, I feel like a disjunctive poet bringing complex elements together and this introductory work is an invitation to enter stage one of a space-time continuum.

Artereal Gallery – Cranium a curated exhibition supporting the breakthrough medical research of the Garvan Institute. 

Celltime Resonance 1:2
- height 2 meters

Cranium -  as the carapace for the brain, the centre of intellect and the organ of thought and feeling and the site of inspiration and creativity and other ways of knowing. 
The artists’ focus intentionally shifts from that emblematic external carapace, the cranium or skull, to embrace the physical and conceptual complexities and conundrums within its crucible.

Resource:Resourceful – A visual narrative

Digitally developed photographic print

A perspective of 23 years of mineral processing research
at JKMRC under the leadership of Professor Alban Lynch
processes - machines - locations 

1500 x 2000 x 100
1500 x 2000 x 100

Fabricated work of vertical acrylic louvres (above) - unveiled at the official opening of the Alban Lynch Building The University of Queensland 4th June 2010.

This visual narrative has been printed on twenty vertical blades to engage the viewer in a quest.  Through selecting different viewing positions, the work becomes active in a way that makes demands on those who seek to access the information.  Through shattering and uniting the composition I seek to offer an ongoing engagement with the story.